Some other time.

I want to move on to the next stage.
I had a great time to write this blog.
I'm going to study English in other ways.
Some other time.


Having such a day is good once in a while.

Just run.
Having such a day is good once in a while.
To infinity and beyond.


I won't know unless I do it.

When you want to do something new,
do you do it at once, or put it off ?
Tell me what person you are?

I used to put it off, but now I do it at once.
If you procrastinate something, you may not want to do that anymore
or something to fear may come out.

I won't know unless I do it, right?
I will  go through the tunnel named "challenge".


Which one should I choose....

What are doing?

I'm a woodcrafter.
I'm wondering which tool I should choose.
I want to use the best one and make the greatest thing.

Before that, I haven't  made a decision about what tool I will make.
That's the problem.


Luminescent deer.

It's so beautiful place.
There are a number of different shades of green.

There is something there.

Kind of deer?
Luminescent deer?

It has gone out...


We are in the same boat.

I can't find a management terminal Q485.
Where is it?

Wow, it's under the car.
I will help you.

Thank you, you've been so helpful.
I can't move and do anything by myself.
All people and something in the world of DQ are in the same boat though.


Improve your life.

I seldom battle against some monsters and mostly do something,
for example, walking around Astoltia to watch people.
But I want to move another level.
So I met him for that.
He is the man who helps me to improve my level.
You can always become better, I want to improve myself.